Seasonal Farm Work

When the snow melts slowly and the first crocuses bloom, it's time to start work in the garden, sow and water constantly. The surrounding meadows also slowly turn green and the grass begins to grow. In mid-June it is time for the first cut, the second usually takes place in mid-August. All family members work hard to get the hay dry. As a reward for all the work we have done, we enjoy a wonderful view from the Gemassen farm.

Unser Hof im Sommer

In our garden grow various salads, carrots, leeks, onions, beans, potatoes, radishes, courgettes, fennel, beetroot, cabbage, celery and pumpkins. In addition, we have created a spiral of aromatic herbs with numerous varieties. Grandma Rita lovingly prepares the best traditional Tyrolean dishes for all of us with these fresh, natural and healthy herbs.

In the autumn, Stefan and grandfather Wolfgang use the motto "Weidmannsheil" (good hunting) as their common passion is hunting. The deer descend into our meadows during the rut, which lasts from the end of September to mid-October. The night roaring of deer is a special natural spectacle. When the storm blows in winter and snow falls out, our donkeys prefer to come to the heat of the barn, otherwise, they enjoy the sun in the open air.