The Gemassen farm

Above the village of Tarces, a hamlet of the municipality of Malles Venosta lies the Gemassen farm on the sunny side of the Upper Venosta Valley. It is located at about 1,600 meters above sea level and is, therefore, the highest farm in Tarces. The total area of the farm is over ten hectares, with almost all practices located around the farm. We also own a hectare of forest.

The name of the farm "Gemassen" probably derives from Rhetoromanic. This language was spoken in Val Venosta about 500 years ago and is the origin of many other names in the area. Unfortunately, the exact meaning of the name is not precisely defined. As a closed farm, the ownership of the Gemassen farm is restricted and cannot be changed without the authorisation of the Commission for closed farms.

We have always managed our farm in harmony with nature. For this reason, in January 2018, we concluded an agreement with the organic control office BIKO Tirol for advice and compliance with the organic guidelines.